Sunday, July 10, 2005

Carib Community Online Store

I am not normally one to engage in commercial spam, but I am hoping to "get the word out" regarding a newly redesigned online shop for the Santa Rosa Carib Community (see:

It was first established three years ago, and it has made a little money, very little, but still something. The way it works is that a purchaser pays CafePress online through their secure site, and of course CafePress extracts its own share. The markup on the product is then paid directly by CafePress to the Santa Rosa Carib Community, with cheques made payable to that account name.

What struck me though is that the limited revenue came as a result of numerous transactions and purchases by several individuals across the US and the UK, and it showed that there was some interest. Having seen that, I invested more time and energy into revamping the products of the store, and creating new "floors", new themes, new products, etc.

That's right! I am an anthropologist, merchant and graphic designer all in one! Perhaps this merits the attention of a psychiatrist.

Have a look if you can at the store. If you know people who might be interested, perhaps you can let them know about it. A lot of the new material should appeal to a wider variety of tastes, especially nationalistic Trinis overseas, people who prefer educational items, and fans of ecology.

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