Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New Taino-Related Movie

In a message received from Innova Entertainment, we were informed of the release of a new commercial film that is fictional in character but deeply enmeshed with visions of Taino history. The following is a synopsis provided by the advertising agents for the film:

Tainos La Ultima Tribu
"The film Tainos: The Last Tribe is a story about a young female archaeologist who organizes a secret cave expedition with friends to investigate Taino petroglyphs in a remote and isolated place in the interior of the island of Puerto Rico. Taking them 500 years into the past, they discover a lost tribe of Taino Indians who have been hiding isolated from civilization in a remote cave. During the expedition there are a series of situations, suspicions and friction specifically between two characters that initiate tension and conflict. It is in history books that we learn the Tainos were exterminated. How is it that this secret has been kept for over five hundred years? Can it be true? Who are the Tainos? Is it legend or reality? Who is this tribe they call the Tainos? Innova Entertainment presents history and adventure that will transport you vividly into the past. How you look and think about history will be forever changed."

Website for the film:

Film Details:
Duration: 1 hour, 49 minutes
Genre: Action
Writer/Director/Editor: Benjamin Lopez
Producer: Eduardo Correa
Music Score: Enrique Cardenas
Film Format: Digital video
Release date: 6/23/05 in Puerto Rico
Film Language: Spanish
Setting: Interior of Puerto Rico
Rating: PG


rixturey said...

Even though I have not seen the movie, much can be learned from what is highlighted on the web. And of course, the major characters are not the Tainos themselves but the archaeologists and military personnel. It would be nice to have a movie with Native People as the stars with their stories being told.

Tainags said...

My dad comes from a lienage of Taino indians. In the movie, Martin Veguilla is my Dad's cousin and he is the closest native indian you can find in Puerto Rico. He speaks 'Taino' and lives like one. He is quite a character.