Friday, October 14, 2005

Moreau de Jonnes--text now online

Karl Eklind (see, has generously devoted his time to preparing a copy, now online of:
Adventures in the Wars of the Republic and the Consulate (1858)
by Alexandre Moreau De Jonnes,
translated by A. J. Ardy.
(John Murray, London, 1920)

Chapter 6: Martinique - St. Vincent - The Caribs
You can see the full text of the chapter at:
As Karl explained a while back:
"I have known for several years that there was some writing about the Caribs on St. Vincent in 1795 in the memoire that Alexandre Moreau De Jonnes wrote in 1858 but the translation I got had nothing in it. Recently I got a 1920 translation by General Arby that does. I've put those 5 chapters on my St. Vincent blog at It is a very exciting story. Almost too exciting to believe, but it makes sense and De Jonnes turned into a very respected scientist in his mature age. At worst it is like George Washington at Valley Forge--if it has been touched up for the sake of making it more interesting it is no worse than any other history. I think every Garifuna kid, especially young Garifuna girls, should read it; which is why I spent a fair amount of money to buy the book and why I put it on the internet."

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