Saturday, February 11, 2006

New Book on the Garifuna

The Garifuna: A Nation Across Borders –Essays in Social Anthropology
Edited by Dr. Joseph O. Palacio
Published by Cubola Books, Belize,
First edition November 2005
270 pages

Part 1: Charting New Grounds in Garifuna History
4 essays
Part 2: Topics on Contemporary Garifuna Society
7 essays
Notes on Garifuna words and expressions
Notes on Contributors

Foreword by Professor Nigel O. Bolland
Charles A. Dana Professor of Sociology and Caribbean Studies
Colgate University

Introduction by Joseph O. Palacio

The following is a quotation from the Foreword:
“This collection of essays by Garifuna and non-Garifuna scholars is divided into historical and contemporary sections, but the content of many of the essays demonstrates the continuities that exist between the Garifuna’s past and present, in their culture, identity and social organization, and their relations with wider societies in the different physical and social environments in which they live.”

For further communication:
Montserrat Casademunt,
Joseph O. Palacio,

Contributors: Peter Hulme, Joseph O. Palacio, Alfonso Arrivillaga, Mark Moberg, Byron Foster, Francesca Gargallo, Gabriel Izard, Oliver Green, Jr., Marion Cayetano, and Roy Cayetano

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