Monday, April 10, 2006

Calls to Change Dominica's Name

DOMINICA: Change country's name, say Rastas
published in The Jamaica Gleaner: Monday March 6, 2006


THE RASTAFARIAN community in Dominica is calling for a name change for the island, a move being supported by a former Tourism Minister.

Speaking at a conference on the environment in Dominica, Ras Adama Taffari said she believed that Dominica should be called by its indigenous Carib name 'Waitukubuli', which when translated in English means 'tall is her body'.

"Bring forward the name of Dominica to Whitukubuli so we won't sound like dummies under the devils. We as Rastafarians ask our leaders to consider a change so the word, sound and power of Waitukubuli will relate to the Creator, and not to the devil," she said.

The executive member of the Rastafarian community in Dominica also called for a name change for some of Dominica's popular mountains Morne Dyabloten (Devils Mountain) and Morne oh Dyad (Mountain of Devils).

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Anonymous said...

i am in support of as name change to the island, it sounds so wierd when i say i am a Domi-ni-can, and more over right now i am in mexico a country who only knows dominican republic imagine how much easier it would be de get an identity that is yours how much easier to say i am not from dominican republic. many counties have changed thier name we would not be the first. why keep a name that was given by someone who just sighted the place and throw away the name given by the original residents?