Thursday, May 04, 2006

Taino Wins Miss Indian World 2006-2007

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Thousands attend Gathering of Nations Pow Wow
By Erny Zah The Daily Times
May 1, 2006

"One singer, Al Santos, took pride in the fact that the powwow lived up toits name this year, The Gathering of Nations.

"For him, the powwow did that in two ways: First, Otter Trail, Santos' drumgroup, won fourth place in the 'Southern Challenge' drum contest, and second, the new Miss Indian World, Violet John, is part Taino, an indigenous tribe that came from the Caribbean Sea islands.

"Al Santos is also a Taino. 'I about had a heart attack when she introduced herself,' Santos said. 'I thought maybe they said something other than Taino.'

"The recognition of a small tribe in the singing contest and in Miss Indian World means a lot, Santos said."

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