Thursday, June 29, 2006

The "New" CAC

The Caribbean Amerindian Centrelink has been revised, restructured and redesigned. There will be more content to add, and current content that needs to be corrected. However, a much slimmer and easier to use CAC is now available, starting with the front page itself. Previously, visitors were faced with a wall of text and a possibly confusing array of options, few of which really indicated the nature and purpose of the site. Here is a screen capture of the previous version:
The present version, starting from the first screen, presents the main options available on the site, and an immediate indication of the scope and content of the site:
The site is more navigable now, with a more logical structure and a menu bar that appears on each of the pages of the site.

The following pages have been eliminated from the CAC:

The following services will either no longer be available or will not be maintained and presented on the CAC itself:

Message Board
Mail Form
The CAC Discussion Board and Chat Area
Free Hosting
Classified Ads
Free E-Mail
CAC Users Survey
CAC Website Awards

We look forward to your visits and your feedback.

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