Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Upcoming Changes to the CAC

During the next few months the Carbbean Amerindian Centrelink will be undergoing several changes. The intention is to redesign the site (once again), not so much in graphic terms as in navigability and manageability. As a result, several of its current services will be deleted. The services to be deleted include:

The CAC Discussion Board and Chat Area
Free Hosting
Classified Ads
Free for All Links
Free E-Mail
CAC Users Survey
CAC Website Awards

The focus of the CAC will be on its Directory, The CAC Review, Issues in Caribbean Amerindian Studies, and resources for Research and Teaching. We are also planning some exciting new additions to the CAC's base of research information.

Most of these facilities have either been too under-utilized to merit continued management or they have become redundant through either disuse or the creation of alternative means of contact and discussion.

Should anyone be seriously inconvenienced by these changes, please contact Max Forte.

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