Monday, August 28, 2006

Addendum: Caribs & Santa Rosa, 2006

This is an addendum to the previous post--my apologies for the omission, but I suspect I was already trying to forget this:

I had forgotten to bring attention to one of the other gems of exaggeration and distorted representation featured by the church, and its radio commentator, during this mass. Soon after the mass commenced, I was initially delighted, though a bit puzzled, to hear of "the proclamation of the gospel in Amerindian", and that the whole congregation would be involved in making this proclamation. In "Amerindian"? The entire congregation would do so? I wondered what that could mean. Well, what it means in fact is that the church's own choir would now play at being Amerindian, and without much in the way of effort or imagination either. What they did was to set the Hallelujah chorus to stereotypical tom-tom music. My personal recommendation to the church and its choir: leave the job of being Amerindian to the Amerindians.

Phony Amerindian Hallelujah

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