Sunday, October 15, 2006

Australian Aboriginals Win Claim to Perth

For those of you who did not read this news when it was announced in the international media about three weeks ago, the Noongar Aboriginal people of Western Australia were affirmed as holding title to a substantial part of Western Australia, including the city of Perth. You can read the actual case of Bennell v. State of Western Australia (2006) FCA 1243 at:

For more news coverage from Australia concerning this landmark claim, see:


"Australian PM Concerned Over Perth Native Title Claim" at:

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granny said...

This is very significant internationally, and that is where the law resides, to a large extent.
It is an international phenomenon, wherever aboriginal lands were colonized.

It will be interesting to see how this actually plays out.

Closer to home, we have Six Nations claim to the Haldimand Tract, a twelve mile swath around the Grand River from source near Orangeville to mouth in Lake Erie.

The Mississaugas Nations title to Toronto is already deemed valid and awaiting payment for the city. The Islands belong to them, and they are now making their presence known there.

And many others.
Like Australia, there are "hundreds and hundreds" of aboriginal titles in Canada.

It signals a new era.
It signals a time when Indigenous people of the land take back their responsibility to care for the land.
And not a moment too soon.