Saturday, April 14, 2007

Los mitos taínos

Los mitos taínos is a website that CAC Editor Jorge Estevez recommends to our readers. It is in Spanish. The various sections of the website deal with Taíno themes in Spanish Caribbean literature; Taíno mythical genealogy; photographs of the Tibes museum; monuments that have been built in commemoration of Taíno historical figures; select myths; and, a very useful page of links to complementary resources on Taíno history and mythology, well worth examining.

The first page of the site explains its purpose in the following words:

"Esta página le ofrece al lector un repositorio de información sobre el tema mitológico-literario taíno. Ha sido construída como un recurso educativo para aquellos que desean mantener viva la herencia taína."

The author of the website is Sonia M. Rosa. The site emerged as extracts from her Masters thesis in 2003, and she is the copyright holder for all images on the site.

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