Friday, November 16, 2007

Taino Areyto 2007

Many thanks to Waxeri Waribonex for forwarding this news:

Taino Areyto 2007
Dia del Pueblo Taino

The Wanakan Cultural Center of the Taino Nation of the Antilles, will be hosting the 15th annual Taino Areyto on Saturday November 17th, 2007 at Hostos Community College on Grandconcourse and 149th Street in the Bronx, NY. The event will start from 12 to 6: PM and will feature Venders, Seminars, a special Children’s presentation from 1 to 2: PM and el Dia Del Pueblo Taino Areyto 2007 will be starting from 3 to 6: PM. Please join us on this family oriented celebration and enjoy our music and dance. For more information you can contact us at (917) 301-5934. Tickets available at Hostos Box office.

Waxeri Waribonex
Tomas Gonzalez
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