Friday, December 28, 2007

Garifuna Coalition USA

Thanks again to Wellington Ramos for forwarding news of this new website.

The Garifuna Coalition Advocacy Center in the Bronx

The Garifuna Coalition USA, Inc. is seeking funding from various sources to establish a Garifuna Coalition Advocacy Center in The Bronx. The goal is that the Center will become a resource center in which constituents can comfortably place their trust to seek out a wide range of social service they need. The purpose of the center will be to identify the most common and pressing problems facing the Garifuna Immigrant Community in The Bronx and to design and implement methods to resolve those problems. These resolutions will include interventions as well as referrals. The Center will operate on an Open Door policy, by which Garifuna Immigrant Community members will be able to walk in without an appointment to seek help.


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